• Secho-dong Performance
    Seocho-dong was home to Steve and
    Sand Dust Studios Elkanah Records.
    For six years, I enjoyed interacting
    with Korean and international musicians
    and writing music overlooking the city of Seoul.
  • MLK Performance
    Steve performs with Yirang Kang
    at the Yongsan MLK celebration.
  • Yongsan Arts Festival
    Steve performs live in Yongsan, Korea.
  • TBS Drivetime FM 103.3
    Steve performs live on eFM in Seoul, Korea.
    Host include: Sam and Annabell.
    on the Drive Time radio show.
  • Seoul Arts Center
    Steve performs live with international
    musicians from around the world.

Welcome To Sand Dust Studios

Welcome to my official web site. Here you can relax while you listen to the live radio broadcast; review my latest recordings, performances, videos, and news. I hope you have a great time and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

"et dixit nudus egressus sum de utero matris meae et nudus revertar illuc Dominus dedit Dominus abstulit sit nomen Domini benedictum"

최신 뉴스

2011년 9월 11일

Yowb Project

As of today, you will want to began checking iTunes for my latest recordings from the "Yowb" project.

최신 뉴스

2011 년 11월 5일

Okinawa Festival

I will be performing at Okinawa festival throughout the day.

최신 뉴스

2011 년 11월 12일

MODDS at American Village, Okinawa

I will be performing at MODDS at American Village